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I'm Carla aka Coach Carla,  the people's cheerleader!

Okay, so here’s the bit where I tell you how my life growing up on a council estate in the 80's was one of the worst experiences ever...quite the contrary actually, those were some of my best memories.


To cut a long story short, I would say that I’ve always been a bit of a self-starter who often takes the long way round but always gets there in the end.


My love for motivating others and compassion of being that shoulder to cry on started at the tender age of seven, so much so that my mama would often refer to me as Marjorie Proops (agony aunt). 


In later life I was inspired to explore the role of a life coach after watching a popular TV show which motivated me to take action, invest in myself and become qualified.


Between 2006 and 2009 motherhood became my focus, giving birth to my two beautiful daughters. In March 2018, I birthed my third child, namely in the launch of The Coach Carla Consultancy.  


On reflection I now see how procrastination became my story and the poison that I held onto for over a decade until one day I realised that I was blocking myself from doing what I do well - which is see people win, taking their best bits and walking side-by-side cheering them on to dream big, create happy moments and live the life they absolutely adore and deserve.


I AM YOUR CHEERLEADER.  When you succeed I smile!  


So allow me to be the life & visualisation coach that enriches, enables and empowers you to attract the best of the best.


Have the audacity to be UNSTOPPABLE & DREAM BIG!



A growth mindset is one that visualises the glass half-full with room for more.




The Coach Carla Consultancy was founded in 2018 by Carla Campbell, qualified life and visualisation coach.


Carla wanted to ensure her coaching consultancy encapsulated her warmth, passion and genuine desire to see her clients reach their true heights and therefore took the leap and ownership in branding the coaching consultancy after herself.


Coach Carla believes that one of the most fundamental aspects of her clients’ journey has to do with the energy and says “the cogs must connect as this in turn creates magic, which enables the client to deliver the best possible results.”


The Coach Carla Consultancy's core values and mission is to Enrich, Enable and Empower. 


The Coach Carla Consultancy is constantly seeking new, exciting, innovative and holistic ways to positivity transition its clients lives through the services we offer.


We hope you enjoy your experience.


The Coach Carla Consultancy 


 Coaching Services

Let's journey through your dreams, goals and aspirations to explore what's really on your mind. Whether you're a natural goal-getter setting yourself the next big challenge or a bit of a procrastinator needing support to get started, our time together will leave you feeling clearer with a plan of action towards your next steps..

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Dream Big Visualisation & Vision Board Experience

Join me for my signature Vision Board Experience, which allows you to visualise and frame the life you choose. I will navigate you during your experience to explore aspects of your life that have perhaps been put on hold, or buried deep within.

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Wheel of Life Masterclass

Does your life lack balance?

Perhaps some areas of your life require close attention and tender loving care!

If so, the Wheel of Life Workshop is just for you.  Our time together will be spent taking a birds eye view on all aspects of your life (for example - finance, love, health, wealth, family, friends, career, spirituality etc.).

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My sessions with Coach Carla were fantastic. I came out of them with clarity and direction. I now have a clear vision of how to turn my aspirations into reality. It was the kick start I needed.

Thank you, Coach Carla. Outstanding!



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I participated in a Vision Board event with her and at the start I didn’t know what to expect but by the end, my vision was overflowing, Coach Carla has a great way explaining things and helping to tease out what you really want. 



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Coach Carla’s Vision Board Experience was amazing and I learnt so much and this is only the start of my vision board journey. Coach Carla, has a beautiful way of putting you at ease, creating a safe space and opening you up. I absolutely cannot wait for the next part of my vision board journey.




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