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Let's journey through your dreams, goals and aspirations and explore what's really on your mind. Whether you're a natural goal-getter or a bit of a procrastinator, our time together will leave you feeling clearer about your next steps.

My role a as life and visualisation coach to help you dream big, to stretch your imagination and operate from a place of mindfulness at a point where you are ready to attract and receive the elements, energy and the things that you wholeheartedly make your smile from within.


We'll work together for as long as it is beneficial to you – and you are enjoying the sessions, although I would recommend that you start on my 3 month program (6 & 12 month coaching programs also available), to allow you to get going and achieve something meaningful during our time together.

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Coaching Services

group coaching

Our coaching packages, whether 1-2-1 or group coaching, vision board / wheel of life experiences offer
clients a safe space to engage in dialogue that encourages them to go on a personal journey of exploration.

The Coach Carla Consultancy, methodology encompasses a supported coaching approach, which
positivity challenges clients to dig deep, elevate from a place of comfortability to adapt rituals and
uplifting habits that commit to self-whilst allowing clients to mindfully operate from a mindset more
enriched, motivated to manifest a life more inspired and empowered.

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Have you ever thought what it would be like to see your goals, dreams and aspiration right in front of you?

Join me for my signature Digital Vision Board Experience, which allows you to visualise and frame the life you choose. I will navigate you in the experience of a life time and explore aspects of your life that have perhaps been put on hold, or buried deeply within.

Our time together will be spent creating your very own vision board action planner using visualisation and coaching techniques.

This wonderful tool will act as your blueprint, that you will use to then go and create your very own vision board masterpiece using an online portal. 

Online Vision Board Experience from £49.00 (small & larger group sessions also available). 


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Visualisation & Vision Board Experience

signature vision board

Does your life lack balance? Perhaps some areas of your life require close attention and tender loving care!

If so, the Wheel of Life Workshop is just for you - our time together will be spent taking a birds eye view on all aspects of your life (for example - finance, love, health, wealth, family, friends, career, spirituality etc.).

This will allow us to ascertain the areas where you are thriving and the areas where you are just surviving, putting us in the ideal position to carry out some positive investigative and honest goal setting activities, that will lead you towards a more balance and joyful life.

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Wheel of Life Masterclass

wheel of life masterclass

My sessions with Coach Carla were fantastic. I came out of them with clarity and direction. I now have a clear vision of how to turn my aspirations into reality. It was the kick start I needed.

Thank you, Coach Carla. Outstanding!



I participated in a Vision Board event with her and at the start I didn’t know what to expect but by the end, my vision was overflowing, Coach Carla has a great way explaining things and helping to tease out what you really want. 



Coach Carla’s Vision Board Experience was amazing and I learnt so much and this is only the start of my vision board journey. Coach Carla, has a beautiful way of putting you at ease, creating a safe space and opening you up. I absolutely cannot wait for the next part of my vision board journey.




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